Our Story

Our wines reflect our land. They embody the unique characteristics that define our Estate. Like a unique fingerprint, our terroir is essential to the heritage and tradition we strive to create.

Our first vines, planted in 1980, are now shedding their youthful exuberance for more subtlety, nuance and sophistication – and we believe strongly that what we sacrifice in yield, we make up for in elegance and breeding. These older vines require more delicate care, which is why our team oversees every aspect of the farming process; we do not outsource our vineyard management. We replant our vines by hand. Our fruit is hand-picked and hand-sorted. Our wines are fermented with native yeasts and bottled without fining or filtration. Our total production is less than 6,000 cases annually, and often significantly less.

Above all, we take enormous pride knowing that in a craft where the only constant is change, one thing remains certain: our wines will always personify the soil beneath our feet. They are the living embodiment of our land. And as the seasons change, the climate changes, and even the winemakers and generations will someday change, Signorello Estate wines will always express this very special place.

"Winemaking isn't just what we do.
It's who we are. And it shows in our wines."

— Ray Signorello

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