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Hope Signorello


Mary Helen Hope Signorello
March 16, 1941 – March 16, 1995

Hope Signorello was born on March 16, 1941 in the city of Seattle, WA. She spent her formative years in Everett, WA and later graduated from Everett High School. Shortly after graduation, she moved to San Francisco where she met her husband Raymond on a blind date. They spent every day together until they were married the following year. After a three month honeymoon, they settled in San Francisco.

In 1963 their first son, Raymond Jr. was born. The following year they moved to Vancouver for six months with plans of returning to San Francisco for the birth of their second child. However, Randy arrived prematurely and the family subsequently chose to remain in Vancouver.

A year after Randy’s birth, the family moved to their present residence in West Vancouver. Hope’s years in West Vancouver were spent as a devoted and caring mother. In addition, she developed many lasting friendships. With her friends she enjoyed such activities as golfing, cards, bowling and camping. The carried trophies she received illustrated her strong competitive spirit.

Hope will be remembered as a compassionate, thoughtful and generous person. Her whole being represented a finer quality which will live with all of us forever.

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