Our Team

Ray Signorello Jr.
Title: Proprietor/Wine Maker
Email: ray@signorelloestate.com

Pierre Birebent
Title: Winemaker/Vineyard Manager
Email: pierre@signorelloestate.com

Carlos Vazquez
Title: Vineyard Foreman

Jim Williams
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Email: jim@signorelloestate.com

Michael Updegraff
Title: Director of Strategic Sales
Email: michael@signorelloestate.com

Michael Brehart
Title: National Sales Manager - Eastern Region
Email: mbrehart@signorelloestate.com

Michael Moore
Title: National Sales Manager - Southeastern Region
Email: michaelm@signorelloestate.com

Sid Ranck
Title: National Sales Manager - Midwest Region
Email: sid@signorelloestate.com

James Peterson
Title: National Sales Manager - Western Region
Email: james@signorelloestate.com

Britny Sundin
Title: Executive Chef
Email: britny@signorelloestate.com

Sharon Goldman
Title: Director of Guest Experiences
Email: sharon@signorelloestate.com

Sal Rivera
Title: Concierge
Email: sal@signorelloestate.com

Jill Sandy
Title: Business Development Manager
Email: jill@signorelloestate.com

Jo Dayoan
Title: Bacchus Society Manager
Email: jo@signorelloestate.com

Bryan Nazario
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Email: bryan@signorelloestate.com

Amy Castro
Title: Controller
Email: amy@signorelloestate.com

Maria Juarez
Title: Bookkeeper
Email: maria@signorelloestate.com

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707-255-5990 or 800-982-4229 | info@signorelloestate.com